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Luxury Cigar Picks

skull cigar pick by maven gems

Locked inside luminous Australian Opals are scents cigar smokers love – soil, wood, dust, crushed leaves, and forest undergrowth.

To release these aromas from the stone, all you have to do is press an opal against a diamond-coated grinding wheel spinning at 1,800 RPMs. Or, you can take the word of Aaron Hayes, a lapidary artist, who crafts luxury cigar picks from precious and semi-precious stones like emeralds, sapphires, jade, lapis, and turquoise; fossilized ivory, dinosaur bone, and coral; metals like titanium and gold – even human finger bones…

This is a sample of one of the many blog posts I’ve written for my cigar accessory website, Vice Merchant. The photographs on this page were taken by me. You can read the full story on: ViceMerchant.com