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The American Devil Acceptance

The American Devil cover art featuring the story's main characters, Professor Siegfried Engel and Major Graf, walking through a ruined trench with a cloud in the background resembling the creature stalking them.

My WW1 era horror short story, the American Devil, makes its debut in the June 2024 issue of Max Blood’s Mausoleum.

Design house, Iracheta Horrors, brought my cover concept to life and I am in love with this artwork! It features the main characters professor Siegfried Engel and Major William Graf making their way through the trenches and away from the story’s titular character in the background.

The American Devil Synopsis
Professor Siegfried Engel is called to the frontline town of Cantigny, France to investigate the recent massacre of German troops by a new American super weapon dubbed, Organism 646.

Armed with a lifetime’s worth of occult knowledge, Siegfried reunites with his ex-lover, Major William Gräf, to track down and kill the winged, red-eyed creature before it attacks again.