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lunch poem by luis paredes

My eyes burn with sage
harsh, misty, and verdant
The chalk-white smoke curls
around my lashes, collecting
pooling into dew drops, falling
gently into the voice below
I hear the call of my rusted gut
aching with hunger and fear
Just a bite,” it says with a
bulge of regret, pushing
against my clammy shirt
…my appetite is alive

by Luis Paredes

Night in the City

night in the city poem by luis paredes

Dive bar hotdogs dredged from the deep
well whiskey karaoke shots, Papaya
slices, and Christopher St. cigars

Our appetite for panang curry is
legendary, but now lost to the swirling, snowy mist on the bottom
of that $13 bottle of sake.

This is the last call: bus, train, and
ferry cocktail to slip you back home.

God bless the MTA.

Night in the City
by Luis Paredes
June 8, 2020

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